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Posted by Workframe on Feb 13, 2017 9:16:07 AM

When Muse Management decided to move their talent agency into new digs in New York City, they knew they needed a look that would reflect their place in the fashion world. They came to Workframe for their new office interior design, knowing that they would get a space that functions well and looks as high-fashion as the models coming in on a daily basis. Muse's new 5,400-square-foot office is in progress and is due to open its doors at the end of March.

Here's how Workframe designed this exciting New York City office plan to meet Muse's unique goals for the project. All images are 3D renderings of the new office.

Muse_V1 020317.png

Goal #1: Move a Growing Team Into a New Office

Muse Management's success in New York's ultra-competitive talent management industry meant that they needed to hire additional staff to keep up with demand. Squeezing more workers into their old space simply wasn't an option.

Workframe's office design encompasses 5,400 square feet in a L-shaped footprint. To make the most of the space and provide ample room for staff to both work and relax, there's a pantry and lounge area separated from the workspace by the main booking table. Creating a home-like space with a kitchen boosts productivity and morale, according to the experts, so it's a trend worth embracing.

Muse_V2 020317 (2)-1.png

Goal #2: Create a Space to Highlight Muse's Brand

Muse's design goal was to prove to anyone walking in the door that their agency has arrived. In the fashion industry, you dress for the job you want, so they wanted an office that was dressed up to compete with larger talent agencies in the city.

Because Muse is all about the faces they can deliver to fashion houses, Workframe designed a gallery wall for fashion images to inspire both models and staff. Muse's sleek logo is also being incorporated throughout the design, most notably in a custom desk in the reception area. When prospects walk in the door, there's no doubt they've come to the right place for making a statement in the fashion world.

Goal #3: Create a Place for Models With "Instagrammable Moments"

Muse knew exactly the feel they wanted to create for in their new space: New York industrial chic, but sleek and fashion-forward. They also wanted to highlight their company culture in the design while creating a space where talent would feel relaxed enough to snap -- and share -- a selfie or two.

Workframe balanced exposed brick walls and the industrial open ceiling with clean white-and-black accents. There's also a lot of warm wood furniture to play off the veined concrete floor. It's a chic space that invites models to enjoy what it means to live and work in New York City.

Goal #4: Create a Space That Reflects Muse's Success

Muse's growing impact in their field requires a space that shows off their passion for their work and highlights their successes. They wanted to create a "wow" factor when welcoming talent into the space for the first time to inspire confidence.

Knowing that talent agencies have a unique workspace known as the "booking table," Workframe wanted to highlight this space in Muse's new office. The booking table serves as a backdrop to the reception desk in this design, and everyone entering the office can immediately see the model comp cards displayed as the works of art that they are. It's a vibrant space that unites form and function for a vibrant focal point.

Muse_V3 020317 (1).png

Muse's success is also on display in the staff lounge, where a glowing sign spells out "believe." in clean, white letters. It's a simple, inspirational mantra that reminds employees why they come to work at Muse every day -- and it's beautiful, to boot. With their new office design, Muse is ready to expand their impact on the fashion world with stylish, functional digs that make that job a little easier.

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